Membership Information

Types of Membership

After the inaugural AGM in 2018, 245 individual members were recorded in the membership register, with 21 public South African universities, 1 private South African university, 6 public TVET Colleges, 1 higher education institution from Botswana and 1 higher education institution from Nigeria, recorded as institutional members.

Individual membership of the AAA is open to any individual person who works in the function of academic administration or a related function at an institution registered with the appropriate government structures as a higher education institution, including both public and private institutions of higher and post school learning, and more specifically universities and colleges providing vocational education.

Institutional membership of the AAA is open to all public and private universities and technical & vocational education and training colleges (TVET’s) and other higher education institutions and organisations that are appropriately registered, from inside as well as outside of South Africa.

Continuous Professional Development
As clearly stated in the objectives of the Association, it is a requirement of registration as a professional body, that the Association is obliged to promote the continuous professional development of its members by organising and presenting various development opportunities and training interventions for its members.
7.2 The AAA is therefore in partnership with various statutory bodies, e.g. QCTO, ETDP Seta, USAf, etc. to develop and register a qualification in the academic administration of higher education institutions on the NQF. Once developed and registered, the AAA will be party to the accreditation of training providers for the qualifications, and the promotion of this qualification/s to members of the AAA, and to prospective students that want to enter the profession of an academic administrator.
7.3 CPD points: In order for the AAA to monitor the participation of its members in the continuous development opportunities presented, the following development interventions will earn CPD points for participating members:
7.3.1 Attendance of the annual conference – 3 points
7.3.2 Submitting a topic for discussion at conference that is accepted by Exco – 2 points
7.3.3 Leading a discussion group on the topic submitted – 2 points
7.3.4 Proposing, and assisting to secure, a speaker who is of high profile and/or expertise that presents at the annual conference – 2 points
7.3.5 Member of a panel during a panel discussion by virtue of his/her expertise on the topic of the panel discussion – 1 point
7.3.6 Submitting a paper proposal that is accepted by Exco for presentation at annual conference – 5 points
Note: The points earned for 7.3.2 to 7.3.6 relating to the annual conference will be in addition to the points earned for 7.3.1.
7.3.7 Serving as a Director of the Board – 3 points per annum
7.3.8 Attending any workshop other than what is included at the annual conference on a specific topic or related to training on a specific aspect of academic administration – 2 points
7.3.9 Completion of the qualification referred to in par. 7.2 above – 10 points
7.4 The Board may decide to award merit CPD points to any member for other exceptional services that lead to the promotion of the AAA and its objectives.
7.5 The administrator will keep record in the members’ register of the CPD points earned by every member of the AAA.
7.6 The Board will annually recognise, and where applicable, award members of the AAA who are the top earners of CPD points.